Before making a bug report

Please go through these steps:

Have in mind

Fixing bugs, 3rd party collisions often is not big problem and does not take that much, if we know what is culprit, and we can replicate issue on our machine, we ship fixes often under 24h.

Hardest part: replicate issues, and this is crucial for us to fix. We need to replicate that problem before fixing it, if we are not able to replicate the issue, we won't be able to fix the issue.

How does bug fixing work?

1. We need to replicate the issue (hard part) which often includes elimination, if a bug report lacks, we need kindly ask you to provide additional information so we can eliminate certain causes. So it will help if you follow our standard bug reporting procedure which you will find in our documentation.

2. Fixing problems - 95% of the time this is done in under 5 minutes

Please read this, before going to the chapter about bug submission and doing bug reports. It is crucial for us that you understand our side and what it takes for us to help solve a problem.

When it is a bug when it is a collision

Recoda is designed to work with Oxygen Builder. So everything is in combination Oxygen Builder + Recoda without 3rd party plugins for Oxygen Builder.

Often we have seen problems with browser extensions. Read this guide and see how troubleshooting can help you discover these problems.

There is something wrong with the editor, looks weird

Clear browser cache and clear server cache.

This is how you could clear the browser cache:

How to clear the server cache? Sorry, there are too many combinations here, if you don't know how you could do it on your host, please kindly ask hosting support to explain you.

Collision with another 3rd party plugin for Oxygen Builder

Please see the compatibility page about actions that you can do to prevent this.

If that doesn't solve the problem, please try disabling features one-by-one and give us the precise source of the problem, if you can't replicate it in that form please provide us with information like an image or screen recording of the issue and try to describe it as much as you can.

Problem: If you don't provide enough data or don't follow procedure, we won't go and guess what scenario you could have on your install because we could never hit.

Solution: Please deactivate all 3rd party plugins except Recoda, and try to see if the problem persists. This way we eliminate 3rd party collisions, and if Recoda + Oxygen works, activate plugins one by one and report exactly which combination is causing problems.

Collision with a browser extension

As Recoda is a tool that lives on the front, there is a chance that certain features could collide with certain browser extensions. And it can be time-consuming for us to fight and try replicating, but we just can't because we don't use any browser extensions on our development machine and there is virtually no chance for us to replicate these issues.  

Problem: We have zero chance to replicate what extension you could use.

Solution: Please open another browser and see does it solve the problem (recommended Firefox because it is our developing go-to tool). If you are already on Firefox please try in Chrome or Safari then. This will eliminate browser extension collision but could eliminate also browser cache issues or problems with rendering that persist with certain browser rendering engines.