Bug reporting

To help us make the product better, and to solve the problem you are facing please use our standard bug reporting template in the described way.

I've seen compatibility and troubleshooting pages

If so, you now understand why we need the following.

If not, please read these two and get back here after reading them:


Could you provide a staging site or sandbox with a replicated problem:
(It is much easier for us to fix if we can, if you can't please provide as much as you can additional information )

(please fill in information in this form: Safari - Version 16.5 )

Have you tried to see does this bug persists in some other browsers:
(Fill in which also browser you have tried like Firefox - this eliminates browser extension collision,  browser cache problems, and potential rendering problems with certain browser engines)

Describe problem: 
(Please give your best to explain, please be precise as you can and describe in fashion When I go here and do that, that, this problem happens )


Additional information:
(Send us a video or at least an image which explains the problem, please use a screenshot or screen recording software and not your phone for screen recording)

You could copy the template above and report a bug here.