Actions CLI

Action or command is the way to automate repeating tasks inside Oxygen Builder. If you need to do anything multiple or apply on multiple this will be go-to solution.

Some common use cases are:

  • Adding multiple classes
  • Adding class to multiple elements
  • Removing class from multiple elements
  • Renaming multiple elements
  • Adding multiple elements
  • Adding single element at multiple places
  • Adding custom attribute to multiple elements

Supported Actions

Actions are single job things which will help add elements, rename, change ID etc.
Real power is hidden in chaining them and repeating them on multiple elements.

In the table below we can see list of the supported actions and symbols which corresponds to certain action.

>Add child element>div
+Add sibling elementsection>h2+p
.Add class.class-first.class2
'Change Tag eg. 'li = set <li> custom tag eg. txt'li = add text element with custom li tagtxt'li
*Duplicate X timesdiv*5
[]Set attribute[data-demo=value]
{}Set new content: {newTxt}{newTxt}
^Select parent (^X), where X is number of repeatsdiv>div>div^2

Supported elements

When you are using actions to add elements, you will have option to write HTML tags with emmet like syntax and generate Oxygen elements.

In the table below we can see how Recoda Action CLI will map them

ActionOxygen ElementCustom Tag
h1-h6Heading elementh1-h6
sectionSection element 
pText block elementp
aText link elementa
awLink wrappera
abButton elementa
buttonButton elementbutton
imgImage element 
videoVideo element 
iconIcon element 
ibIcon box element 
pbProgress bar element 
galleryGallery element 
sliderSlider element 
ttTestimonial element 
tabsTabs element 
superboxSuperbox element 
ggToggle element 
txtText element 
modalModal element 

If Element is not in supported table, Recoda CLI will create div with custom tag so everything outside table will be DIV element with defined tags like main, aside, etc.

Watch it in action


Adding elements

Adding multiple classes

Multiple classes to multiple elements

Rename multiple elements