What is Recoda Workspace?

Recoda Workspace is a modern development environment for Oxygen Builder users, where agencies and freelancers can create better websites by efficiently using the Builder. We want to help developers and designers by creating a simple but powerful set of tools so they can work more efficiently.
Our goal is to create a user-friendly, powerful environment for Oxygen Builder and bring innovation to the Visual IDE industry.

With Recoda Workspace you can:

Create an interface that is truly yours. We know that when you are working on a website 8-10 hours a day, little things can have a big impact on your workflow. That's why we implemented a one-click strategy, not only to speed up your workflow, but also to relieve some of the inevitable frustrations, and many of the panels are now just one click away. We know that every user has a different screen size, so there is no one size fits all. The good news is that not only can you resize panels, but you can also set the default width of each panel.
When users are working on extremely wide screens, they can waste valuable time switching from one panel to another instead of focusing on the actual work at hand. Well, we have taken care of that too by implementing our side-docking option, which allows you to have panels side-by-side. We have also made this feature available for smaller screens (we do not want to force you to buy a huge screen!). Side docking allows you to use some functions in both panel areas, and you can press SPACE to toggle full-screen mode ON /OFF.
Enjoy your shortcuts because, you won't need to remember them all and by enabling the shortcuts guide you can learn them on the fly.
If you like programming with tools like Codepen, JSbin, Welcome home.
Our BlockPad editor allows you to code in "four" languages at once, and you can drag and drop all your panels. For a premium coding experience, you can learn more about our unique feature CodeSense, our custom proposal tool for Oxygen Builder. We believe CodeSense provides a state-of-the-art suggestion scheme because it offers all Oxygen classes and many CSS properties and only suggests options that are specific to those properties, eliminating bad and irrelevant suggestions. If you like writing CSS, you'll love your Workspace, because CodeSense makes writing code lightning fast and without typos.
Utility First People we hear you!.. Add multiple classes on the fly.
But why stop here. We can do more, much more. Our command line is another of our innovations in the field of Visual IDE. We looked at the best solutions in other industries and adopted them, which we believe is a game changer. The idea of a central input comes from the 3D modeling industry and the syntax is heavily inspired by Emmet. We are developing a universal tool that allows you to manipulate HTML from one place and from which you can create your reusable components in the form of Recoda commands.

The best way to discover Recoda Workspace is to try it