QuickFlow Actions

What are QuickFlow actions?

These are little helper actions which could improve your workflow. To take full advantage from it you need to remember them, they are not hard, but if you don't know you will hardly figure out them by yourself.
Smart actions overview

Alt + Click on selector (2)

If you perform Alt+click on selector in class switcher, that will change to detailed view so you can:
  • copy styles from one to another selctor
  • remove styles from selector
  • remove class

Double Click on a selector (3)

When you perform double click on the selector, selector name (without # or . sign) will be copied to your clipboard.

Shift + click on the Canvas Element (4)

When you perform shift + click Canvas element, last executed command will be executed again. Thi is usefull when you want add same class to multiple elements, you add it via command-line and just shift+click on other.

Right Clikc on the Canvas Settings (4)

When you perform right click on the Canvas Settings, Workspace will autogenerate media query CSS for that certain screen width.