0.9.6 P4

[NEW] Lock drag Padding controls
Disable Margin/Padding drag
[Fix] Variable suggestion only works after changing user preference
[Polish] Select suggestion by mouse click
[Polish] CSS Vars click and apply via mouse
[Polish] Fullscreen mode indication (toast message and icon)
[New] Lock/unlock selector shortcut Ctrl+ L / Cmd + L
[Polish] Shift+A - Add panel shortcut, focus search
[Fix] Grid Controls UI bug
[Fix] CLI multiplication div*3 bug (>div*3 works)
[Polish] Global units changed logic, applies only to whitelisted properties (was working for every except excluded)

0.9.6 P3

[Integration] ACSS variables integration
[Powersheets] Adjustable font-size
[PANELATOR] tooltips
[Live server] Remove margin from HTML element
[Advantor] Lock Advantor for locked selectors
[Class switcher] Small polish
[Bug fix] Hidden ruller
[Bug fix] Global units applied where not needed
[Bug fix] Global/ Local units don't trigger change in some cases
[Bug Fix] Showing CSS vars when number is first character

0.9.6 P2

Quick fix: Absolute position inputs looks broken

0.9.6 P1

Version: 0.9.6 P1
Compatibility: Oxygen 3.9 and Oxygen 4.0
Before we get into the changes, I am very excited about the new version and some features that make Oxygen a full-fledged IDE and allow a seamless transition from visual to manual programming. Workspace goes far beyond the changes made in UI / UX. As the name suggests, Recoda is all about programming and we develop solutions to help you programme more, better and smoother. Made by hands, for hands.
🆕 NEW 1: Powersheets
It would be handy to have a VSCode-like editor that displays in a new window on your laptop, or even better, if you have multiple screens, you could have it display on the second monitor. Suggestions for Oxygen classes, smart suggestions for CSS properties, suggestions for CSS variables, almost everything you get inside desktop code editor.
🆕 NEW 2: Default units.
You can now set global units in rem, local units like % for Width, maybe px for Margin and the unit changes as you type.
🆕 NEW 3: Auto-detect units.
Preset units are good, but you should set them beforehand and sometimes they are not what you want. With auto-detect, you can write .5rem in the input and the unit will be changed to rem. If you use an unsupported unit, the unit will be set to none.
Bonus: If you use CSS functions (calc, min, max, clamp), unit also becomes video:
🆕 NEW 5: CSS variables everywhere.
Recoda is built with CSS variables, we love them. So if you were a pilot of a plane with CSS variables, Recoda will be your co-pilot.
  1. 1.
    interface inputs
  2. 2.
    Custom CSS
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
🆕 NEW 6: Background position presets.
To be honest, it's a hacky solution, it's cool, but I do not think it will have a big impact on your workflow, but it was asked for, so I made it optional in case someone finds it useful.
Enable via User Preference - > Advanced Tabs - > Background Position Preferences
🖌️ Polish 1: Class Switcher rebuild from scratch.
As far as functionality goes, almost everything is the same. This should fix the weird UX error that can occur when you use the Oxygen class box to add a class. You should now be able to delete classes with a single click, and the display of locked classes is now better and more consistent with the rest of UI.
🖌️ Polish 2: Shortcuts without jQuery.
Our commitment to the future. We want less dependencies, so we rely on our code.
🖌️ Polish 3: Code refactoring.
Our commitment to the future. We look at the entire codebase and shake it up a bit to remove some silly workarounds that were introduced in the past. There are still some left, but we will do this from time to time.
🖌️ Polish 4: Adding prefixes to Recoda CSS variables.
CSS variables are now prefixed, which should help avoid collisions.
🖌️ Polish 5: Live Server.
Now opens in a new tab, should remove WP admin bar after opening and after each reload. Fixed some other issues. If you try to open Live Server while editing reusable files, it shows that it is not possible.
🖌️ Polish 6: Blockpad
Now Blockpad shows the name of the code block and opening the Blockpad view can be done through the code block interface.
🔧 Fix 1: The command bar does not add a space when renaming elements with @.
🔧 Fix 2: Shift-B in code editor prevents uppercase letters (collision with function).
🔧 Fix 3: Ruler hidden behind command bar.
🔧 Fix 4: Insert options are hidden in reusable templates due to Recoda CSS.


This section will show all 0.9.5 XX version changelogs

0.9.5 P1

Compatibility: Oxygen 3.9 / Oxygen 4.0 Alpha 1 Published: 22.02.2022.
Size: 124kb
New: Code block linking to opened BlockPad
  • New: Stylesheets linking (remember last edited stylesheet)
  • New: Breakpoints snippet (Stylesheet, Blockpad) [Ctrl-B]@ media max-width
  • New: Breakpoints snippet (Stylesheet, Blockpad) [Shift-B]@ media min-width
  • New: command for creating Stylesheet (syntax: /stylesheetName)
  • New: command for creating Stylesheet (syntax: |folderName)
  • New: command for importing GitHub Gist (more:
  • Fix: text selection not showing
  • Fix: Class higlighter option bug (adds just first class when this enabled)
  • Fix: Duplicate command performs duplication and multiplication
  • Fix: Change content command works only on first element
User preference
  • New: Data format changed, added direct links to Docs
  • New: Added categories for organizing all options
  • New: Canvas small Scrollbar
  • New: Disable shortcuts
  • New: Stylesheets/ selector panel UI pack
  • New: Advantor style 5 options
  • New: Docking option
  • New: Margin/Padding 3 views (just for Oxygen 4.0)
  • New: Command-line auto-rename automation rule
Responsive Helpers
  • Polish: Canvas centered
  • New: Canvas Auto-Zoom to fit if device is bigger
Structure Filters
New: UI Tweaks, colored filters
Class switcher
New: Show delete class button on hover
QuickFlow Actions
  • New: Right click on Canvas Settings to generate @media query to clipboard (+ Ctrl for "Mobile first" min-width)
  • New: Right click on Breakpoint selector to generate @media query to clipboard (+ Ctrl for "Mobile first" min-width), just for Oxygen 4.0+
General UI/UX
  • New: Toast alerts above command-line after actions to indicate action
  • New: Toast alerts above command-line after actions to indicate action
  • Fix: Panelator Grey screen of death
  • Polish: Structure Style option -> Sleek
  • Polish/Fix: Expand units option
Experimental Features
E1: Reororder Selectors (move up/down)
How to use?
  1. 1.
    Select desired Selector
  2. 2.
    Open Dev tools -> Console
  3. 3.
    Call function recoda.moveSelector("up") or recoda.moveSelector("down")
E2: Reororder Stylesheets (move up/down)
How to use?
  1. 1.
    Select desired Stylesheet
  2. 2.
    Open Dev tools -> Console
  3. 3.
    Call function recoda.moveStylesheet("up") or recoda.moveStylesheet("down")